Top 5 Android Mobile Battery Will Save Your Hobby Tips / Tricks

Top 5 Android Mobile Battery Tips Tricks

Today’s main app Android mobile battery tips to save Batuja Jiski Help App app Save the battery secretion of android mobile. Today’s Android mobile phone is nearby. But Android Mobile is the key of the important work battery. There are lots of stars to save the battery. But the main one is you as well as tips on how to eat. Jisase you save jyada batteries from jyada kr sakoge. If mobile is not new to the mobile, I do not have any battery. Battery backup of Kutch mobile is good but most of the time, mobile I have a battery of 1800-2000 mAh which is very fast. Or if we have internet chalet on the mobile we are hot or the time consuming more battery. But Bina does not even work with Android mobile.

How to save battery on Android phones.

Today, we also do mobile pr on computer vane work. Android Mobile Subscriber is going to Pantand Banta, Umem can work on one of the most popular sarees application. The Internet is also fast faster. The only thing to say is that today’s Android mobile person’s friendship is the brother Helper’s all-kach ban. For mobile batteries the burn is final. But when you use my Diese Tips / Tricks you can save mobile phone saving battery.

1. Use Original Charger All Mobile

First of all, you should remember that the mobile charging device from the live charger is whether it is original or not. The QQT tariff logs are damaged by the original charger, or charging with the charger charger on mobile mobile, but you are also safe for mobile or battery. Charger of the Quke Gailet Company, charging your mobile with your battery is also purchased or mobile. We are charging for the mobile charger that we are charging for mobile phone charger. Or the Charger of another company, Mobile Charging Carne P Mobile Charging is quick, but the charger is going to get rid of the heat. Take me the battery, which is also Humeisa using the original charger.

2. Turn OFF GPS off Mobile.

GPS globel pojition sender use the correct location of GPS is dhane’s liye hota. Waist GPS Baht High Feded Piece Para Eska Up and Drama Rock Cuke U SUB is a Battery Charger. We have seen that the Hedatar log is the Aspe Meditation Policy or the battery is also finished. Here’s a warning about high rock ASCO to use GPS, but you can sell your mobile phone.

3. Sports work.

AB Nobody will have an Android mobile to have a game too. But lowering the battery, I also contribute greatly to the game. Android device has me chateate waqt battery cheat equals bure. Unko chalate k baad Bho wo bettary khate hai, if you have seen that the game also reduces battery cost after chalen you can click Settings> Apps> Game Name pr Click to see that the game information has given me a power stops Your game of hockey is still a trick but when you close the force click here to play the game and you have to save the battery and save it. If you do not install the game, you can save your bettary.

4. Use only working APPS.

We have seen that many people have got mobile and Etn sari app installed that PSSMAT or those un-app messes up to BSS unneeded apps, but it is still necessary to install Bina Falto’s app but it is unko ye no If the phone is installed then the battery is installed when it is not installed. Many people install strap and hotsa or a lot of sari apps and then they are also going to get battery problems, only install the app that you can use and install it too.

5. Charge the full battery.

Charge the mobile battery to humesa full 50-60% of the Ikonkar’s got out of the high mobile charge or I will charge 2-3 gains again, so that the battery backup PRAT difference is different or your battery is also working. Or remember that the mobile battery will charge from 10-15% of the mobile charge. If you want to work on a mobile phone, you can buy hats or hats, if you have a mobile battery full charge, hataye with high charge.



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