Poor Pakistan has to know the cars to be selling to repay the loan.

Pakistan has to sell cars to repay the loan

1.Why did Pakistan sell their cars?

2.Pakistan became pauper

3.Prime Minister’s car sapphire

Hello friends, if you welcome all of you then you will be amazed knowing this I am going to tell you all today.

Pakistan does Kashmir every time and there is no money to eat on its own. Today, we will tell you about Pakistan’s poverty tales.

Pakistani voice in Islamabad kicked up for auction in voice

What Pakistan did: – India’s neighboring Pakistan, which has reached the brink of bankruptcy. He has tried to fill the treasury by reducing the government expenditure of Pakistan and selling properties. In this endeavor, Pakistan has started the auction of 102 cars of its Prime Minister, in which the auction of 70 cars has been done in the first day itself. The government is expected to get 113 million Pakistani rupees from this.

Prime Minister sold cars: – These 70 cars include 26 Mercedes and BMW, more than 15 Toyota cars, 9 Honda cars, 8 Suzuki cars, two Jeeps and 5 Mitsubishi.

Why the cars were sold: – Then why does the Prime Minister sell these cars? Let’s tell you that

There is a loan of Rs 30000 billion on Pakistan and which is equivalent to 87 percent of GDP

Pakistan has reserves of foreign exchange around 10 billion dollars. And

Pakistan needs $ 30 billion of bail out immediately

So the Prime Minister of Pakistan has decided to sell his cars.

Whose auction can be: – Apart from the car, these things can be auctioned

1. Proposal for selling land near railway tracks.

2. Prime Minister’s residence will also be converted into higher education institute.

3. The Governor’s office will also be changed to the hotel. Rather it has been announced till then.

There are also problems facing Pakistan: –

1. 45% child malnutrition

2. 4.2 million children do not go to school, which is 1 large number.

3. Investors, that is, those who invest (money) do not want to come to the country.

Note: – Not only the cars of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, but also 8 of his buffaloes will be sold. Yes, you heard the right buffalo These 8 buffaloes used to be used in the Prime Minister’s household and domestic use. They will also be sold.

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