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iPhone XI 6GB RAM

In recent years, the most important flagship of the iPhone X applet may be, but the 2018 iPhone’s lineup will not be less important.

The last year’s iPhone X flagship has indicated that the device is moving forward with the Apple device, but in 2018 the handsets which release the Apple iPad will strengthen the ambitions of the smartphone.

This is especially important because Apple is rumored to close the iPhone X. To be clear, it does not mean that it is breaking the design of the iPhone X – the company is not just going to sell that particular model at a discounted price.

While Apple’s 2018 iPhone is still relatively mysterious, we are already looking at rumors about how a device might look. Eyedrop News has put together a set of presenters that shows some of these possibilities for the so-called ‘iPhone XI’.

Note: These concept images are based on rumors. The iPhone XL is not an official device.

But before we go ahead, let’s see what we know about Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup till now.

3 new iPhone for 2018

Supply chain reports, tech industry rumors, and narrowing analyst predictions, even we know about the 2018 iPhone lineup.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, well-linked analyst of KGi Securities, like the 2017 lineup, Apple is expected to release three iPhones this year.

This includes the direct successor for the iPhone X – for simplicity, the so-called “iPhone XI”, though we are not sure what exactly it will be said (but later on more). Possibly, this device will have roughly the same form factor and size, and 5.8-inch display will be maintained with its glass construction and edge.

Apple is also rumored to fill the lineup with “iPhone X Plus” – a larger iPhone X with a 6.5 inch display originally – as well as a 6.1-inch display with a low-cost LCD-based iPhone and metal construction (its This means that there is probably no wireless charging).

IPhone X-Ace Design and Face ID
Most analysts believe that Apple will continue to use edge-mounted iPhone X designs in its coming devices – even with that plus-model iPhone, its low-cost LCD handset will also implement the design. .

Save for LCD model, Apple is probably going to keep a glass back for its flagship – because the content for wireless charging is a requirement. In addition, Apple is expected to use Face ID in its entire iPhone lineup.

Although the possibility of design will remain the same, the apple can make small changes. KG Securities had previously predicted that the metal frame can be updated to allow faster data transmission.

Upgraded internal
Apple is likely to use a new generation of proprietary A-series chipsets for the new phone, as well as both Qualcomm and Intel upgraded modem which will allow 4×4 MIMO support. In other words, there is hope for a more powerful iPhone with fast broadband cellular speed.

In addition, Cuo predicted that at least one iPhone could play a dual SIM card tray this year. U.S. Not being popular in, this type of specialty is common and is expected on high end flagship in other areas of the world – especially in fast-growing markets such as China and India.

On the basis of another report, Apple Partners LG has been taped to supply a new L-shaped battery for the 2018 iPhone lineup – a step that can allow better and high-capacity batteries, Charge. As an extra plus, it can free up more space for internal components.

The company is pushing itself to include its own silicon in its device – so this is always a possibility. Previous supply chain reports show that Apple is working on in-house power management and graphics chips

IPhone XL possible new features

Although there are some things that we know how the Apple 2018 iPhone can connect to the lineup, the apple is always an infinite amount of new possibilities to be applied. Here are a few ideas.

Dual directional camera and sensor

Camera facing the iPhone X received a serious upgrade in addition to the 3D scanning and infrared tripod camera system. Unfortunately, rumors indicate that due to high spec demands and difficulties in the production of delicate and complex array, Apple will not be able to add additional tracepath systems in its back camera.

But maybe Apple will not have to. According to Martin Hajek, with some clever engineering, the company can use a set of camera and truapseape sensor – and only makes those components rotate vertically and dual directional.

The black sensor around the two edges of an apple device can “wrap up” the housing, which allows a smoothcut camera – and its advanced array of sensors – both can be used from front and back sides. To do this, the company will implement a wide angle fisheye or 360 degree lens technology for the system.

With such a solution, the iPhone XI may have to face AR and Face ID capabilities on front and back without the need for two different truepep sensors.

A small note
Censor footprint of iPhone X is a controversial feature – some people hate it, while others keep it in mind. And when it is possibly the footstep to stay here, Apple is looking into making it slim on devices in the future.

To be clear, those rumors tell that a thin sensor housing will not bring it to the iPhone by 2019 – but it does not prevent potential inclusion in this year’s iPhone. A vertical oriented, dual direction camera and sensor suit (as described above) can allow the apple to do so.


Slimmer Bezels, Flush Camera and More

IPhone X originally got away from Bezel, but there is no reason why Apple does not take it a step further and dilute Bezel in this year’s iPhone.
In addition, the applet can focus on the user’s complaints and can flush the previous camera array with the glass on the iPhone. With the beauty and minimalist philosophy of apple design, it seems like a brenner.
Up to biometrics, Apple can take inspiration from Android manufacturers and can render Touch ID for this year’s iPhone, possibly in the side power button. With the market performance of iPhone X, it looks a bit more likely than once to do this. Of course, it is still hoping that it is not expected.
And when it comes to cameras, there is some evidence that this year’s lineup will take a Q from the iPhone X and it will feature dual lens cameras and optical image stabilization in three iPhones.
What will be called new iPhones?
Short answer: Basically, whatever the apple wants to call them. This year’s iPhone 8 and X picked up the traditional Apple Smartphone naming conventions altogether, which means that it is possible to move forward.

A smart and beautiful practical possibility to be offered is that Apple may name iPhones in the future in the same way as it is called the iPad and Mac. For example, this year’s entry-level LCD iPhone can be called simply “iPhone”.
Later generations of OLDD iPhones can be called “iPhone X” or “iPhone X Plus”.
In other words, the theory claims that the iPhone 9 or the iPhone will not be “11”. Instead, there will be an iPhone, iPhone X (2018), and iPhone X Plus.
Of course, it is still in the air – and we certainly will not know until the Apple officially announced its main notice this year. Talking so that …

IPhone XI release date

We do not know that Apple will actually introduce the iPhone’s stability this year, but it will almost certainly happen in September 2018.

Since the launch of iPhone 5, Apple announced every generation of the flagship during the main point of its downfall – which usually occurs on the first or second Tuesday or Wednesday in September.

Until the apple decides to change it completely, its historical patterns are a good sign when the iPhone XI will be unveiled. As it is said, Cupertino could throw us a curve.

Until the launch dates, Apple usually sends flagship iPhone on its second Friday after its main note – although there are important exceptions such as iPhone 6S and this year’s iPhone X in 2015.


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