Having Achieved Tremendous Momentum in Telecom Sector  Jio Recently tried His Hand in The Phone Market And Achieved Success Now After This The Facilities Like Jio DTH Are Going To Start Apart From This Jio Can Launch His Jio Laptop Soon But Before That Know What Will Be The Features in The Jio Laptop The Most Notable Feature in Jio Laptop Will Be The Ability To insert a SIM Slot By Applying a 4G built – IN SIM You Will Be Able To Use The Data in it Apart From This ist Keyboards Will Be Different From Other Laptop As Well as Their Different Design Users Will Love it


It Sources Are To Be Believed Then Jio Laptops Can Have a Windows 10 Operating System Laptops Screen Can Be Nearly Disk 13.3 inches 4 GB And 128 GB Hard Disk Can Be Found Laptops Will Have a Weight Of 1.2kg And Its Keyboard Will Be Quite Different From Other Laptops The Price Of This Laptops is Between Rs. 10,000 and 15,000 Good Price and Good Laptop.