EarlySalary.com introduces India’s first Mobile App for Instant Cash

EarlySalary.com introduces India’s first Mobile App for Instant Cash

1. Salary Advance:

Arlisleri provides salary advances of up to Rs.2 lakh to its customers. This can come in handy when one’s financial preferences are set at the end of the month such as paying a deposit for a new home, an unplanned trip or other emergencies that may occur.

2. Amazon Shopping:

Arlisleri credits its customers with shopping at Amazon with zero cost EMI. It is very convenient when someone wants to buy a certain gadget or a piece of furniture at the end of the month when the money is insufficient.


Customers can easily transfer their accepted credit limit in whole or in part to their Amazon Payments on their Arlisleri application.

One can shop for their favorite product on Amazon and pay in 3 EMIs at zero additional cost.

The customer can also pay in 6 EMIs with a minimum fee of Rs 500.

Customers can avail early discounts during Amazon sales which are made available to Arlisleri users.

3. School fees:

Arlisleri provides a very convenient solution for a child’s educational fees. A customer can now pay his child’s school fees in easy EMI. This is done to allow parents to choose the best education possible to pave the way for their child’s success.


The customer can now transfer his or her credit limit to the school the child is studying and pay the fees using the Arlisleri application.

It involves zero paperwork.

Depending on eligibility, you can get up to Rs.3 lakh for school fees.

The customer can choose between 3 or 6 EMIs as a repayment option.

There is no prepayment fee.




my code – gmkvkuj8un 👈 👈
my code – gmkvkuj8un 👈 👈

4. Big Bazaar Shopping:

Arlisleri 3 provides credit to its customers for shopping in Big Bazaar with zero cost EMI. This is very convenient when someone wants to buy products on their shopping list but does not have money at the end of the month.


The customer can transfer his approved credit limit to the Future Pay in the Arlisleri application.

One has a flexible shopping limit of Rs. Ranging from Rs. Up to 50,000

Customer can pay in 1 or 3 months with zero cost EMI

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